The Panther Fusion® MRSA Assay has arrived.

The Panther Fusion MRSA assay is the latest addition in a growing menu of Panther Fusion® and Aptima® assays on the fully automated Panther Fusion® system. This assay detects and differentiates Staphylococcus aureus (SA) and methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) DNA from nasal swab samples. It aids in the prevention and control of MRSA, a dangerous healthcare-associated infection (HAI) that poses an important threat to public health.1

The Panther Fusion MRSA assay brings full automation, efficiency and excellent assay performance to MRSA screening,  producing accurate and comprehensive results, providing efficiencies to the laboratory and allowing for better patient management.2

Combine your Women’s Health, Viral, Respiratory and HAI menus and run up to 32 different Panther Fusion and Aptima assays on the fully automated Panther Fusion system. Design features of the Panther Fusion MRSA assay include:

Broad strain inclusivity, including the Bengal Bay clone, and correct identification of empty cassette variants.

Patient-specific results with qualitative detection and differentiation of SA and MRSA.

Direct loading of ESwab nasal samples.

Unit-dose lyophilized reagents helps eliminate reagent waste and the need for manual reagent preparation.

Ready-to-use, unit-dose format with 60-day onboard stability helps reduce waste.

Run alone or simultaneously with other Panther Fusion or Aptima assays, without batching restrictions.

The Panther Fusion MRSA assay is an automated in vitro diagnostic test that uses Invader Plus® chemistry for the qualitative detection and differentiation of SA and MRSA from nasal swab specimens.

This assay leverages the benefits of the Panther Fusion system, with flexible workflow and improved laboratory efficiency.