Introducing the Panther Fusion® System.

Evolve your laboratory’s capability for molecular testing with the addition of the full Panther Fusion system or add the Panther Fusion module to your existing Panther® system. The Panther Fusion system joins the flexibility of PCR with the power of TMA to give your lab multiple valuable chemistries on a single platform.

Unparalleled Automation.
Uninterrupted Momentum.

The Panther Fusion system continues the legacy of total lab automation that began with the fully automated sample-to-result Panther system. With minimal hands-on time and true walkaway freedom, your team can execute molecular testing with efficiency and amplify productivity throughout your lab.

Unprecedented Flexibility.
Maximum Potential.

The Panther Fusion system is a fully automated system that gives you access to 32 different assays simultaneously. With full random access capabilities, you can continuously load up to 120 patient samples in any assay combination. There is no need to batch any tests or wait for optimal volumes with continuous sample and reagent loading. You can also schedule routine maintenance, which does not require supervision, at your convenience.

CE Marked

Aptima Combo 2® Assay for CT/NG
Aptima® Chlamydia trachomatis Assay
Aptima® Neisseria gonorrhoeae Assay
Aptima® Trichomonas vaginalis Assay
Aptima® HPV Assay
Aptima® HPV 16 18/45 Genotype Assay
Aptima® Mycoplasma genitalium Assay
Aptima® HSV Assay

Aptima® HIV-1 Quant Dx Assay
Aptima® HCV Quant Dx Assay
Aptima® HBV Quant Dx Assay
Panther Fusion® Flu A/B/RSV Assay
Panther Fusion® AdV/hMPV/RV Assay
Panther Fusion® Paraflu Assay
Panther Fusion® Bordetella Assay
Panther Fusion® MRSA Assay
Panther Fusion® GBS Assay

Additional Functionality

Panther Fusion® Open Access™

In Development

Bacterial Vaginosis
Candida Vaginalis

Expanded Menu. Consolidation, Simplified.

Expand your reach with the addition of PCR capabilities on the Panther Fusion system and retain proven TMA on the Panther system. Now you can consolidate more of your menu without having to learn a whole new platform. Program Panther Fusion PCR assays to have daily or monthly controls based on your lab’s policies.

Size-to-Throughput Value. Achieve More with Less.

The Panther Fusion system is able to process up to 335 Panther Fusion tests in 8 hours. Combine Panther Fusion and Aptima tests, and process up to 500 tests in 8 hours. The Panther Fusion system has competitive throughput, utilizing less space than many competitor platforms.

CAP/CTM 96 (371cm x 76cm / 146 inches x 30 inches), Cobas 6800 (292cm x 129cm / 115 inches x 51 inches), Cobas 4800 (285cm x 77cm / 112 inches x 31 inches), Infinity (274cm x 91cm / 108 inches x 36 inches), Panther Fusion Module (66cm x 81cm, 26 inches x 32 inches), Panther System (122cm x 81cm / 48 inches x 32 inches), Viper XTR (191cm x 107cm / 75 inches x 42 inches), Veris DxN (183cm x 122cm / 72 inches x 48 inches)